Car Tire Pump With Digital Pressure Gauge BLXCK NORWAY™

If you love going on a trip or camping frequently, then it is very essential to keep the tires of your car well pressured for smooth and hassle-free driving. With this Car Tire Pump With Digital Pressure Gauge, you don’t have to wait in a long queue just to increase the pressure.
This equipment is highly durable as it is made up of superior quality ABS plastic and steel. It can easily pump up the tires with 35 L/Min.  It also has a very compact design, is quite portable and can be easily kept in the trunk of your car.
Car Tire Pump With Digital Pressure Gauge is quite easy to operate. All you need to do is use the M button and select your desired unit of pressure. You can change it with plus and minus signs. Once it reaches the desired pressure, it will shut off by itself.
It has a big LCD screen with a white backlight that will allow you to read the pressure in the dark night. It also contains an LED flashlight in case of any emergency and it is very convenient to use. It comes with three nozzles and apart from vehicles, it is also used to inflate balloons, balls, mattresses, etc.