Baby Lounger Bed - Prevent Infant Flat Head Support Pillow

Small babies always love to curl up while sleeping which can be very risky in several ways. It is not always possible to keep an eye on them every second due to hectic schedules and workloads. That’s when this Baby Lounger Bed - Prevent Infant Flat Head Support Pillow comes as a saviour.
This is a portable mattress that provides head support along with safe and comfortable sleep to young infants.
The material used is super soft and breathable, which gives your baby head, back and neck exposure to air. It is pretty easy to fold, and you can carry it anywhere.
It has a cocoon-like design to give your baby a cosy atmosphere while sleeping. It has a perfect back position design along with lifted legs. This helps in correcting the baby's sleep posture and forestalls tilting of their head during sleep.