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Fishing Bucket Live Fish Box Camping Water Container. Check The Details To Know More


Material - These Foldable Fishing buckets are made of waterproof EVA, holding water well, water-resistant, impact resistance. It has a strong leakproof feature, safe to use. You can take the fish and water far away without leaking.

Foldable & Portable - The portability of a fishing bucket makes them great for the boat, cabin, and even on a kayak. You can easily bring the bucket to the bait shop, fill it with water, and then head to the lake or river. You can also easily bring home the live fish you fished.

Net Lid Design & Pump Side Pocket - Zippered net lid of this fishing bucket is convenient for you to put fish inside this fish bucket and prevent live fish from jumping out, and also let more oxygen come in to keep your fish alive longer while traveling. You also can put an oxygen pump in the side pocket to make fish and shrimp alive for a longer time.

Humanized Handle - Ergonomic handle Easy to carry and carry Comfort, long rope, can live in water for live bait when placed when not in use, it does not take up space on both sides and feels comfortable.

Multiple Size For Your Choice - With 3 sizes for this bait bucket&Live fish bucket,(L*H*W ) (40cm*24cm*24cm; 45cm*24cm*26cm; 50cm*26cm*29cm), also available in black & orange colors of your choice. The fishing bucket can be easily folded in your backpack and trunk to take up less space, Space-saving is super handy.

Package Include - 1 * Collapsible Fishing Bag