Mini Pocket Phone Shaver Magnetic Electric Razors Trimmer

Shave On Your Go! Grab this Portable Electric Razor Trimmer. Check it out.

High Quality - This razor is polished, matte, non-slip, has a nice texture, and is visually appealing. Knife mesh curve designs, ergonomic designs, and residue-free shaving.

Easy To Use - Trefoil turbines have slim blades that are simple to use. Intelligent blocking and anti-pinch protection, The top cover interface has eight magnetic beads, magnet adsorption, and is simple to disassemble and clean.

Wide Application - Mobile phone power supply, no need to charge, simply plug and use, convenient and practical. The shaver is the ideal companion for parties, appointments, hiking, and business activities because it is mini-sized and easy to carry.

Friendly Design - This electric shaver has a 90° bend design that fits snugly into the phone. There is no need to charge it, no power consumption, use it for 10 minutes, and the power consumption is less than 1%.

Ergonomic Design - The razor's net is polished by a special process to have a smooth surface and no metal burrs, and it fits various facial contours. You can trim your beard whenever and wherever you want while remaining cool and handsome.