Professional furniture mover lifter tool set blxck norway™

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Professional Furniture Mover Lifter Tool Set. Check The Details To Know More

Refrigerator Sliders of High Quality: The hefty appliance rollers are constructed of ABS plastic. The furniture lifter bar rotates 360 degrees. The furniture lifters' body is constructed of sturdy steel, while the moving rollers' grip is made of PVC plastic. Anti-slip design on moving furniture slides

Simple to Use: The furniture moving tool gives you leverage to raise your appliance and slide the four wheels underneath each corner. You can now easily push your appliance around. To remove the rollers, use furniture lifters for heavy furniture once more.

Elegant appearance: This furniture slider for tile floors has fine craftsmanship, exact measurement, appliance jack lifting, and moving equipment has a compact size, easy to store, space-saving, and easy to carry tools, and you can operate quickly and efficiently with heavy furniture sliders.

Application of Furniture Mover: Anyone, no matter how strong, can utilize a furniture jack lifter! Lift the selected piece of furniture using the home moving artifact. Then, with ease, roll the underside and glide your furniture and appliances over the floor.

The lift handle measures around 34 cm / 13.4 inches, while the roller measures 9.5 × 7 cm / 3.74 x 2.83 inches. 4 rolling wheels to move big furniture may endure 150 kg / 330 lbs with this tiny size. The size of the furniture lifter tool saves a lot of space.

Professional furniture mover lifter tool set blxck norway™

Professional furniture mover lifter tool set blxck norway™