Mobile game controller blacknorway™

Nowadays, mobile games are so much in trend. To make your gaming experience more amazing, we have come up with this amazing mobile game controller. It is a six finger operative device that will make your game fun. You just need to use your index finger and middle finger to press the buttons that help to shoot, move left and right, jump, lie, etc.
You can now easily defeat your competitor with the help of this mobile game controller as it is highly advanced and gives you a great benefit in close range combat. There will be no problem with disconnection or system incompatibility. Your phone is completely secured with the help of three contact points that are covered with rubber to forestall sliding or pressing of buttons.
It comes with a built-in 4000 mAH power bank and is portable. You can now charge your phone anywhere without any hassle. You do not need to sit near the power socket anymore. The triggers are on the back and not on the shoulder so that it will be super easy for you to control them. It is super comfortableand provides a great grip.
It comes with a rotatable head so that you can install your mobile easily. It also has a powerful cooling fan that will prevent your mobile from getting overheated and will also extend its life. The buttons are tested to ensure a fast response. The design of this controller is very ergonomic as it will not give cramps or strain to your hands for a long time.