Wall Climbing Remote Control Anti Ceiling Racing Car Toy BLXCK NORWAY™

One of the most exciting parts of every childhood is to play with different kinds of toys. Remote control car amongst them is the most popular toy that attracts the eyes of every kid, whether it is a girl or boy. You may have seen cars that are pretty basic and ordinary. However, if you are in search of something extraordinary, then this Wall Climbing Remote Control Anti Ceiling Racing Car Toy is the most perfect choice for you. What makes this remote control car different from others is its ability to climb on the wall.

 It consists of dual-mode and works on the principle of vacuum. This will allow the car to climb on the wall and ceilings while running efficiently without falling. It consists of two different modes: Wall mode and Floor mode. Wall mode allows this car to climb and run on the walls, ceilings, glass, window, etc whereas the floor mode allows the car to move freely on the flat surface without any restrictions. This car has a strong collision resistance along with a shockproof body so that it doesn't get damaged due to multiple collisions or falling.

This comes with an infrared remote controller so that you can control and adjust the speed of the car. This will also help you to manage the direction of this car as it moves in four directions- left, reverse, right and front. It also performs 360 clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. It also helps to develop the intellectual mind and grasping ability of a child. It is made from ABS material and it is completely safe for children. It is highly durable and gives a long-lasting performance. It runs on a built-in rechargeable battery which you can easily charge with the help of a USB cable.
This is a great remote control car that also has a Led light on its front and backside. This is an auto switch led light that turns on depending on your driving. If you move forward, then the two front headlights will turn on and if you move backwards, then the two front rear lights will turn on. If you will move the car in the left direction, then the lift front light will turn on and if you move the car to the right, then the right headlight will turn on. This is also a great gift option for the children’s on their birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. This will surely bring a wide smile to their face.