Air compression leg massage and relaxation blxck norway™

Air Compression Leg Massage and Relaxation. Check The Details To Know More

Three-Dimensional Circulation Air Pressure Massage - Our air leg massager employs superior air compression technology to generate a squeezing massage sensation by repeatedly filling airbags. The massage soothes muscular tension and discomfort after long periods of standing, sitting, or activity, and fully cares for your calves, thanks to its progressive pressure design and gentle air pressure pressurization.

2 Massage Modes & 3 Air Pressure Strengths - There are two massage modes on our air massage: sequential massage and all-around leg massage. Leg massage gives you a choice of massage sensations to choose from, with light, medium, and high-pressure intensity to fit the needs of different legs.

Adjustable Size - The leg massager for circulation has a Velcro design that allows for easy size adjustment. The maximum circumference can be up to 22 inches. The Velcro straps can be adjusted to the optimum fit for your calves, arms, or knees.

Overheating Protection - Our air calf massager will automatically disconnect after 10 minutes of usage and must be restarted to safeguard the safety of you and your family.

Allow your friends and family members to get a professional massage experience at home at any moment during their free time, relax their bodies, and retain a positive attitude.