Mini Digital Wireless Hearing Ear Aids BLXCK NORWAY™

Check Out This New Mini Digital Wireless Hearing Ear Aids

Digital Amplifier - The rechargeable digital amplifier is the greatest industry-leading hearing amplifier for experiencing enhanced sound instantaneously. With our latest digital smart chip technology, which includes Active Digital Noise Reduction, you'll be able to hear conversations clearly, understand what's being said, and enjoy life once more. You'll adore how everything sounds better right away when you use it.

Rechargeable Battery - Because our digital hearing amplifier is rechargeable, you'll never have to replace batteries in the middle of a conversation or worry about running out of power again! That's why, after thorough research, we made it a goal to develop a hearing amplifier with the industry's longest battery life. You will have more time to accomplish the things you enjoy instead of constantly changing batteries.

Ready to Use Technology - Other BTE Hearing Amplifiers require sophisticated programming, which makes them difficult to use. This is an issue that our digital hearing amplifier solves! That's because our hearing sound amplifiers have a digital smart chip, which means they're ready to use right out of the box and don't require any programming. Never again will you have to deal with complicated hearing amplifiers!

Packing List - Principal machine * 1; Earplugs * 4; Cleaning sweeper * 1; Charger * 1; Package box * 1