Red &infrared LED light therapy belt

Our red &infrared LED light therapy belt near-infrared heat penetrates the muscle layer without being scattered, and it has a penetrating capability 12 times greater than far-infrared heat. It can aid with inflammation and pain relief. It may be used to reduce stress, tension, stiffness, or cramping on the back, waist, waist, shoulders, belly, and knees. For faster tissue repair, experience a painless, safe, drug-free, and natural physical pain treatment option with no bad side effects.
The near-infrared light belt is lightweight and adaptable. It may be charged and utilized whenever and wherever it is linked to a mobile power supply or a charging connection. It is a cost-effective and cheap method of self-relief. This equipment does not have any negative side effects, and it is not expensive to acquire.
Use when exercising to boost metabolism and enhance calorie burning. It is a lightweight textile that can protect you from heatstroke. It is specifically intended to be used in conjunction with your exercise equipment series. As a result, this is a cost-effective method of pain relief at home. Pain relief from inflammation and sports injuries Improve your metabolism and lose that excess tummy fat.
The red infrared light treatment belt is lightweight and does not provide any weight-bearing sensation when worn around the waist. At the same time, it has a transportable power source and a charging connection, so it can be used at home, work, travel, running, and other activities. Assisting in fat reduction and increased calorie burn during a workout.
The infrared light treatment device has two power source options: DC and AC. Both mobility and wearability are important. It may be powered by either mobile or AC power, allowing you to experience the pleasures of massage whenever and wherever you choose. You may treat any portion of your body with a red light at any moment. Suitable for the back, wrists, hips, and other joints.
The red light gadget employs a combination of red 660nm and infrared 850nm LEDs, which are chosen to produce the optimal wavelengths. Deeply penetrating and causing heat effects raise tissue temperature, accelerate blood circulation, and improve metabolism, cell viability, and regenerative capacity.
  • ✔️Portable and affordable
  • ✔️Flexible belt
  • ✔️Widely use
  • ✔️Pain relief
  • ✔️Easy to carry
  • ✔️Dual power supply design
  • ✔️Size:49.6in*7.08in
  • ✔️Colour: black & blue
  • ✔️Led quantity: 105 pcs
  • ✔️Power: 20w
  • ✔️Custom: logo/shape/wavelength
  • ✔️Power bank: support
  • ✔️LED light panel size: 22.24in*5.51in