Warm donut dog bed with removable cover blxck norway™

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Warm Donut Dog Bed with Removable Cover. Check The Details To Know More

Soft Materials - The dog relaxing bed is a comfy and breathable blend with high-quality synthetic plush fur. This pet donut cuddler has good filling elasticity thanks to the super-soft 4 cm faux fur and PP cotton filler. It caters to your pets' skin by being thick and full, fluffy and soft.

Detachable Cover Design - The soft plush cover of the pet bed is totally removable and washable, thanks to two zippers. We recommend zipping up the cover before cleaning it, and then hand-washing or machine-washing it on low heat. The ringed filler has a unique buckle design that makes it easy to assemble and avoids uneven filling.

Modern Donut Shape - For pets who prefer to sleep curled up, the pet cushion bed is the best option. The ultra-soft fillings can reduce joint and muscle pain while resting, while the raised edges provide a sense of security and provide head and neck support.

Non-Slip Safety Bottom - The comfy dog round bed's bottom is made of anti-skid adhesive beads and high-density fabric that is waterproof, non-slip, and mildew resistant. It secures the fluffy dog bed in place so you may set it on your tile or hardwood floors without worries.

Cozy & Pet-Friendly - This high-quality dog plush kennel is well-made, long-lasting, and soft to the touch. Your tiny furry pals will be surrounded by affection and warmth, ensuring that your pets have a comfortable night's sleep during the chilly winter months.

Warm donut dog bed with removable cover blxck norway™

Warm donut dog bed with removable cover blxck norway™