Robot glove hand rehabilitation device blxck norway™

Using our robot glove hand rehabilitation device, you may hasten the process of recovering the functions of the hands, assist the brain and nerves of the user in learning again, expedite the recovery of brain and nerve damage, and fully realise the patient's ability to care for themselves. consists of cutting-edge technology that employs the utilisation of two-handed mirror practice. People benefit from it because it repairs their neurons. It is not only lightweight but also features an ergonomic design.
It can also act on the brain nerves and blood vessels, and promote the conservative treatment of brain injury and postoperative rehabilitation; using this device will help patients with their mobility impairment. Air pressure as the power, automatically drives hand activities, reduce spasm, and do effective training for hand recovery. It is available in a variety of training modes, including passive, assisted, and resistance, and it helps the brain recuperate after exercise.

Extensive simulation of the motor cortex of the brain facilitates bilateral motor pathways, and multiple stimuli work together to improve the speed of hand function recovery with these robot gloves, which are super convenient and easy to use. The mode of mirror movement of the patient's arm is determined by the flexion and extension of the healthy arm. The only thing you need to do is choose a model, and then all you have to do is push a button on an air pump for your hand to mimic what the gloves are doing.
People who have spasms or who are unable to regulate the movement of their fingers may benefit tremendouslyfrom the use of these robotic hand gloves. You won't have any problems using these gloves for your workouts at home, where you may do them every day. For finger training you can do whatever you want, It will have An Even Better Effect, By opening and shutting separate air valves for each finger during rehabilitation therapy, it is possible to do the training on each finger individually. When the valve key is at an angle that is not parallel to the airway, the valve will close. By rotating the valve switch to the tilt angle, it is possible to close the present air intake that corresponds to it.
Restoring hand function may be done quickly and simply in the comfort of one's own home for patients or the elderly. The use of these rehabilitation gloves on a regular basis for a period of between two and three months will provide considerable effects. People who have suffered from a stroke, paralysis, or other conditions can benefit tremendously from using it. The hand must go through an extensive period of recovery, and the individual must engage in extensive training that is broken down into several little steps. How long is it valid? According to the comments left by previous customers, a distinct feeling will emerge after 15 days, and progress may be observed after two to three months have passed.
  • Real Benefits:
  • ✔️The case is smaller than the size of a book and weighs only 0.4kg
  • ✔️Rehabilitation Training For Patients With Hand Dysfunction
  • ✔️Practice Rehabilitation Robot Gloves
  • ✔️Rehabilitation Training For Patients With Hand Dysfunction
  • ✔️Lightweight and portable
  • ✔️Adjustable training time
  • ✔️Self-training
  • ✔️Multiple modes
  • ✔️Pneumatic does not hurt hands
  • ✔️Simple operation
  • ✔️Bionic structure
  • ✔️Mirror mode