ELIMINATE Hands Soreness... FOREVER!
Bike handle grips are designed in a way that helps in reducing the pressure one exerts on the bike handles while riding. ROCKBROS™ - All In One Handlebar Grips will eliminate the pain and annoying hand sprains that plague all riders!


Anti-Slip Design: - The surface has anti-slip particles and lines to prevent vibrations. TPR rubber is very adherent. Not so soft that they feel so squishy, ​​not so hard that you wonder if you have a grip. During the long and epic adventure, your hands will no longer slip.

Ergonomic Design - Compared to the traditional bike handlebar grips, this grips expands the contact area of the hand, It can support from the index finger to the thumb, offering the best grip for the natural state of riding. Reduce the pain in your wrist with the correct grip posture.
Easy To Install - This bike grips installation step takes only 3 steps. To begin the installation of the handlebar grips, loosen the screws at the end with an Allen key wrench included). The locks-on makes installing and removing the grips easy.

Great Durability - 100% high-quality material has been used in these grips. These grips can be used for more than 2 years depending on the way you ride!