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Luxury Pen. Check The Details To Know More


Enjoy The Feeling Of A Luxury Pen - Has created a stunning luxury rollerball pen. Brass with a 24 karat gold finish on the jet-black lacquer. A small British company offers premium craftsmanship and subtle refinement.

Easily Transcribe Your Thoughts - We employ the Schmidt liquid ink system from Germany, which allows your pen to glide across any type of paper without smudging. This blends the ink feel of a fountain pen with the convenience of a ballpoint, resulting in a writing activity that is superior to gel ink pens. This is a luxury pen created for those who love to write every day. It is perfectly weighted and balanced for your writing comfort.

Impress Your Coworkers and Loved Ones - The pen is packaged in a lovely presentation box, making it the ideal gift. Your rollerball will be admired by everyone around you, whether you use it as a casual or executive pen, for business, office, or personal use.

Express Elegance & Sophistication - Pens are designed in London, England, and share the timeless characteristics of classic British style.