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Round Shape Meat Tools Hamburger Press. Check The Details To Know More

Ultimate Hamburger Tool - Our burger press can assist you in creating various sizes and thicknesses of round-shaped hamburger-packed patties. The top little base is for micro burger patties and sliders, while the detachable indent press aids in the creation of a well for filling, and the bottom large base is for giant or stuffed hamburger patties.

Premium Nonstick Material - Made of BPA-free, heavy-duty plastic. This non-stick burger press has an easy-to-remove bottom base, so you can easily get precisely formed patties without the mess.

Easy to Use & Clean - It's simple to use and clean: first load the meat and push it, then stuff it, and last seal it. A stuffed burger patty has been completed. The dishwasher is safe or easy to clean with dish soap and water.

Great Gift for Burger Lovers - This 3-in-1 burger press equipment is a great gift for any grilling enthusiast, burger fanatic, or home kitchen master on any occasion.