Weighted Cotton Cover Bed Sofa 5-Layer Design Blanket BLXCK NORWAY™

Are you tired of using a blanket that does not provide warmth during the chilled weather? If yes, then it is very important to get yourself a superior quality blanket that is super cosy and will keep you warm. With the help of this Weighted Cotton Cover Bed Sofa 5-Layer Design Blanket, you can now give yourself a comfortable and peaceful sleep without shivering during the night.

This is a cotton weighted blanket that is made of superior quality material. It wants to fold that will provide relaxation to your body and will help to calm your mind and muscles. This blanket will also help you to have a deep and good night sleep so that you can have a fresh morning. You can use this blanket during the night or while sitting on the sofa.

It is a five-layered blanket that is made from cotton and polyester. It is very soft to touch and provides a luxurious feeling. It is super comfortable and is absolutely hypo allergenic. It comes with high-end glass beads that are non-toxic and help to distribute the weightaround your body. It also has a small grill design that secures the beads underneath the blanket.

It is super easy to take care of this blanket. To wash them all you need to do is remove the cover to clean easily. It will keep you super warm during the chilled weather and the material is quite breathable to allow air ventilation. This is also a perfect gift option for your family, friends, relatives, etc on the occasion of their birthday, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year, weddings, etc.