Sea Snorkel Swimming Mask Full Face

Do you fantasize about seeing the underwater view but not able to because you cannot hold your breath for longer period. No worries. We have brought you this Sea Snorkel Swimming Mask Full Face that allows you to breathe freely through your nose or mouth.
You can experience full view under the water without attaching any heavy equipment. It has a 2 way respiration system that allows you to take fresh breathe while exhaling CO2 from separate channel.
This mask comes with Anti-Fog Poly-carbonate Glass that will forestall the fog so that you can see clearly.
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It has an easy to adjust straps that fit to all head sizes. Since it is made up of medical grade silicone, it is free from allergies and can be used by everyone.
The design is super awesome and is portable to all your trips. You can also attach a camera mount t record under the water without your hands.