Selfie Beauty Ring Flash Phone Case For iPhone with LED Light BLXCK NORWAY™

Smart & Unique Selfie Beauty Ring Phone Case for iPhone With LED Light. Check to Know More.

Slim Design - A sleek and lightweight unibody design with 54 bright, precisely arranged LED lights that brighten up your smile in any situation.

Build-In Battery Power - The Ring Light Case with a 250mAh build-in Battery,and charge with your phone cable, full run time can be 2-2.5 hours.No need to connect to your iPhone to get power,just turn on the light and you're ready to take brilliant selfies with glow and shine.

One Button With Multi Functions - This surprisingly capable button lets you easily turn the ring light on or off, as well as adjust its warmth and brightness, also take you a flash light,so you can always put yourself in the best light.[4 Lights: Mixed Light/Cold Light/Warm Light/Flash Light]

Capture Spot Light - The ring light pops up after toggling the button downwards, giving you extra light so you shine like a star in your selfies and vlogs. With the Flash Light you can make more funs in Party/Concert/Live Stream.

Portable & Protection - It is not a Ring light but also a protective case for you iPhone 12 Pro Max,take it and to get a convenient and stylish selfie life.