Cast Bandage Protector Wound Fracture Arm Leg Hand Cover Shower BLXCK NORWAY™

Having an injury or wound can be quite painful and discomforting as you have to wear a cast, plaster, or bandage all the time. It is also very essential to protect it from the water while you are bathing. If you’re looking for a cover that can prevent water from going inside of the cast then this Cast Bandage Protector Wound Fracture Arm Leg Hand Cover Shower is the most perfect option for you. Not only it will keep your wound from getting in contact with water but it will also ensure that your cast stays completely dry for your comfort.

This is a 100% waterproof cover that can protect your injury of your elbow arms or legs. This IPX6 waterproof cover will keep your plaster or bandages completely dry while you are in the shower or doing bathing. It makes sure that not a single drop of water can pass through the cover. This cover is super light in weight and is made up of environment friendly material. It is specially designed to prevent water from entering to your casting. All you need to do is wear this cover above your cast or bandage and remove it after you are done with showering. It is super convenient to use this cover.

This cover is made of superior quality material and is CE registered and is approved by FBA. It is made of neoprene and medical grade TPU that is extremely soft and latex free. You can also use this cover multiple times as it is highly durable and sturdy. This cover comes with a soft seal that provides a strong grip to your cover so that it stays in a place and do not move. It is super comfortable to wearthis cover over your bandage or plaster without leaving any kind of marks on it.

This cast is very comfortable and seals perfectly. It is not too tight and therefore it will not cause any kind of pain or discomfort. If you are amongst the one who has an injury and needs to cover their wound with the plaster or bandage, then this protective cover is the most perfect option for you as can easily showerwith the help of this cover without worrying about your bandage getting Wet. This cover can be worn by both, men and woman.