Non-slip safety suction cup handrails blxck norway™

Non-slip Safety Suction Cup Handrails. Check The Details To Know More


Secure, Easy to Use - Our grab bar is the highest standard in medical bathtub safety handrails, supporting up to 250 pounds and requiring only 5 seconds to install. Perfect for senior citizens, the disabled, and toddlers.

Tool-Free Installation - There are no tools or drilling necessary to install this shower handle. To secure the bar in place, simply flip the locking latches. You can relocate it according to your current requirements. When properly installed, the grab bar does not damage or leave markings on the surface.

Non-Slip Grip - Two powerful suction cups work on any non-porous, flat surface larger than 4", including tile, glass, acrylic, and fiberglass. Perfect for senior citizens, the disabled, and toddlers. For a secure and comfortable experience, the grab bar gives additional support when entering and exiting the tub or shower. Great for shaving legs, recovering from surgery, and avoiding harm.

Free Shower Sponge - Each grip bar came with a free shower sponge that was designed to make a thick lather with a small amount of any soap or shower gel. Extra-large mesh loofa collection for longer-lasting lather. The friction feels good without being rusted.

Guarantee - We strive to give you the best product possible, with a 100% hassle-free money return guarantee. You can call us for a complete refund or free resending as needed, so you can buy with confidence right now.