Sitting Posture Corrector for Children BLXCK NORWAY™

Is Your Child lying on Table While Studying Which Makes the Wrong Posture?? Use This Sitting Posture Corrector 

Specifications - The height may be changed from 9 to 20 centimeters, making it appropriate for persons of various heights. Pink, blue, and green are the three hues available. The pad is composed of a soft rubber substance that is safe to use, so there is no risk of a collision.

Safety - This product is appropriate for a variety of thicknesses of desktops, and it can be firmly fastened on the table and is quite stable. You may improve your sitting posture and create a healthy reading habit by adjusting your sitting posture. Prevent cervical spondylosis, myopia, and other illnesses by eating a healthy diet.

Design Concept - As technology advances, more and more youngsters adopt terrible reading and studying habits. A bad sitting position can lead to a variety of issues, including myopia and hunchback. This item is designed to assist youngsters in correcting their sitting posture and protecting their bodies. Instead of lazing on the sofa, develop a healthy reading habit.

Pack Includes - 1x sitting posture corrector is included in the package.