Sleeping noise reduction earplugs

Our sleeping noise reduction earplugs are quiet sleep and relaxation prepare you for a difficult day - the micro soft earplugs - here for the smaller ear canal - in anatomical shape give noise protection, but also at concerts. Made with high-performance, noise-cancelling foam. Guaranteed satisfaction.
Made from skin-friendly unique foam in vibrant colour - tiny, also good for toddlers - does not alter sound perceptions - hence advised when listening to music When sleeping with a snoring partner, use doctor-recommended foam earplugs to preserve your hearing and obtain a good night's sleep.
Individually designed as an in-ear plug, moderate expansion in the ear canal - has been demonstrated in occupational safety and at high noise levels. These noise-cancelling earplugs have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 33 decibels and are ideal for sleeping, studying, working, travelling, concerts, leisure, riding, noisy events, and so on.
Comfy Cush Comfort Foam is a very low-pressure, slow-release foam. Their user-favourite colour is as easy on the eyes as it is on the ears. The plastic jar is securely sealed and has a handy flip-open lid for simple dosing.
Slow rebound sponges, as opposed to typical sponges, have a rebound time of roughly 60 seconds and will not create difficulties such as ear clogging, ejection from the ear, and poor closure caused by quick rebound earplugs. Insert rolled plugs deep into the ear canal - ideal for use with Ohropax eye masks to provide light protection.
  • ✔️Soft & lightweight
  • ✔️Used by doctors
  • ✔️Snoring & sleeping
  • ✔️Protect hearing
  • ✔️Ultra noise blockers
  • ✔️Very comfortable to wear
  • ✔️Quality material
  • ✔️Suitable for women or small ear canals
  • ✔️Fits well into the ear canal
  • ✔️Advantage of slow rebound sponge