Smart Jump Rope Fitness Sport Ropes Skipping APP

Smart Jump Rope Fitness Sport Ropes Skipping APP. Check The Details To Know More

Convenient Cardio Exercise - You can get a more efficient, low-cost, and enjoyable cardio workout with this smart jump rope. The jump rope is lightweight and portable, and it may be used both inside and outside. Maintain your workouts; they will assist you in maintaining a healthy physique and efficiently improving cardiopulmonary functions and endurance.

Reach Fitness Goal - Our fitness skipping rope may be used in conjunction with our Fit app, which allows you to conveniently assess and log your workout data on a regular basis. To attain your exercise goal, you may keep track of your skip duration, total skip number, calories burnt, and tangles at any time.

Three Smart Jump Rope Modes - There are three shipping modes available for the workout jump ropes (free jump, time countdown, and numbers countdown). Our jump rope has a built-in microprocessor and three sensitive and precise Hall sensors that can count and ensure data correctness for every leaping data.

Adjustable PVC Steel Wire Rope - The jumping rope counter is made of a robust and non-tangling 3M/9.85FT PVC steel wire rope. The PVC-wrapped steel rope may be used on practically any type of floor, including concrete, tile, wood, and cobblestones. There is no need to cut and adjustments may be made fast. 

Clear LCD Display & Comfortable Foam Handle - Our training jump ropes for men come with a lightweight foam handle made of environmentally friendly ABS and EVA material. The foam handles provide a pleasant grip and are non-slip during exercising. Additionally, the main handle is equipped with an HD LCD display that displays rope skipping data such as skip duration and total skips.

Package Includes - 
1 x jump rope