Smart water timer for garden hose

With our Smart water timer for garden hose set and manage your watering schedule with ease with the mobile app (Android, iOS) and a Bluetooth connection. Real-time control of the irrigation system The APP can identify local weather conditions and delay watering based on your preferences. Rain delay can be adjusted to 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours. 
Don't be concerned about using the sprinkler timer outside because it is constructed of anti-UV silicone PC waterproof material that is IP55 rated. It also applies to 3/4 and 1/2 water tap fittings. The magnetic valve performs well in terms of sealing, water leakage, and stability.
Irrigation can be timed or cyclic. Circulating irrigation may control the irrigation and soaking times over time. Host timers may be used to water farms, gardens, and lawns, among other things. In an open environment with no obstructions, the maximum Bluetooth operating range is 49.2ft. And the timer just requires two AA batteries (not supplied) and will last for more than six months.
Setting and monitoring the irrigation schedule through the smartphone APP offers you control wherever you need it, from anywhere in the globe. Use the app to configure the timer or allow the weather-based software to do it for you. Without connecting to the gateway or cell phone, the timing software can continue to function.
Watering is controlled by weather sensing technology based on site parameters such as slope, soil type, sun/shade, history records, and current weather data. It adjusts your controller automatically to supply the correct amount of water to your plants. The shell is comprised of UV-resistant material that will not shrink or split in hot weather.

The week mode may be set on a regular basis, and it is easier to use. The built-in flow meter tracks water consumption and can be monitored in gallons or time, making it excellent for a wide range of applications such as watering plants, gardening, washing your car, filling your pool, and greenhouse/hydroponics.
  • ✔️Easy to install and use
  • ✔️Know the great flow
  • ✔️Certified to save water
  • ✔️Smart watering
  • ✔️Complete control
  • ✔️2 watering modes
  • ✔️Bluetooth host timer
  • ✔️Rain delay system
  • ✔️App smart control
  • ✔️Working pressure: 0.02 – 0.8mpa
  • ✔️Max flow: 5l/min-35l/min
  • ✔️IP55 waterproof
  • ✔️Working temperature 0-50 celsius
  • ✔️Battery life 6 months