Smart wifi touch light switch blxcknorway™

Smart Wifi Touch Light Switch. Check The Details To Know More


Multi-Control Association - New idea for the 3-way circuit (2 switches control 1 light) with the multi-control association of this switch to other WiFi smart switches via an app; also can be used as single pole circuit; anti-scratch tempered glass panel complements any home decor and allows for easy touch control; you can multi-control associate this switch to multiple different switches in-app.

Non-interference Control Mode - Allows the switch to be controlled via Smart Life, touch control, voice, and a built-in RF433 frequency that allows for additional control via an RF remote control switch with encoding 1527 (remote not included); each control method works independently; achieve multi-control by associating with other smart switches.

Remote Control - Insert new features such as ON/OFF relay status, remember the last status when power off, and backlight switch set into the upgraded Smart Life Tuya App; compatible with Alexa and Google Home for hands-free voice control; can also be controlled via Smart Life/Tuya app anytime, anywhere.

Customize the Schedule and Timer - With the app, you can control connected appliances with timers, schedules, and countdowns (1/5/30 minutes, 1 hour, etc.) and share control with family and friends for increased convenience.

What is the best way to use it?

Method of RF Pairing

Step 1: Long press any of the switch's buttons until the indicator flashes and the sound "di" plays once.

Step 2: Press any button on the RF transmitter to complete pairing, and then use the RF controller to control the light.

Method of Reset: Press and hold the touch button for 10–15 seconds, or until you hear the sound "di" twice.

Method of WiFi Pairing

Step 1: To download and install it, search for "Smart Life or Tuya Smart" on the App Store or Google Play, or scan the QR code on the user manual.

Step 2: Press and hold any button on the switch for a long time until the indicator light blinks. You'll also hear a "di" sound.

Step 3: Open the "Smart Life or Tuya Smart App," discover and add the device to the app, and then complete the set as directed.

Method of Reset: Press and hold the touch button for roughly 10 seconds, or until the red indicator light flashes and the switch makes a "di" sound once.