Snack sealing clip fresh keeping clamp plastic helper saver blxck norway™

Snack Sealing Clip Fresh Keeping Clamp Plastic Helper Saver. Check The Details To Know More

Clip Your Food Fresh - Use to keep food fresh by sealing food/snack packets. There's no need to push yourself to finish this bag of potato chips or to toss it away. You may keep it for a few days longer without losing its crispness or freshness!

Easily Dump Food - This plastic sealing clips with a large-diameter pouring nozzle makes it simple to dump the food, such as snacks (candies, small chips, cornflakes, popcorn, chocolate, almonds, etc.), dog food, coffee bean, cereals, rolled oats, pasta, flour, spice, and seasonings... (Note: Pay special attention to the Nozzle Diameter of 2 inches; if the food is too large, it may become stuck.)

High Quality & Portability - It's composed of food-grade PP, is non-toxic, and won't shatter easily. Small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry, it may be used in the kitchen, living room, office, dorm room, and even travel.

Attach Easily - Attach easily to any plastic or paper bag, clamp them, and then simply seal the meal or flip the top lid to spill the food out. They pour smoothly, shut tightly, and are really useful.

Keep Everything Neat & Tidy - No need to remove the cover during use; simply open it to pour out meals and snacks. Without causing a shambles. Many people would appreciate this gift idea for making food sealing and pouring easier!