Soft pet dog harnesses vest blxcknorway™

Soft Pet Dog Harnesses Vest. Check The Details To Know More

Soft & Cosy - Classic checkered design with plush edges and inner mesh padding, incredibly soft and pleasant, never grinds dog legs or body, provides a very cozy experience for your dog.

Pretty Look - The D-ring on the chest is designed for simply hanging tags, bells, and other decorations; the leash is fitted with beautiful small bags that may be used to pack rubbish bags, keys, and cards when walking the dog.

Easy Put On/Take Off - A buckle on the back of the harness can be unlocked, the hooks designed on the leash are easy to wear and take off, and the harness can also be adjusted, making this harness for your dog simple to put on and off.

Suitable For - Puppies and cats will enjoy this toy. Yorkies, Maltese, Poodles, Toy Poodles, and Chihuahuas are some of the most popular breeds.