Spinning Reel Fishing High Speed Gear Ratio BLXCK NORWAY™

Fishing can be a super fun and enjoyable activity that you can do in your free time. It helps you to relax your mind and distract yourself from the daily workload. Having a good quality fishing rod and reel is the foremost prerequisite of doing fishing. There are many kinds of a fishing reel that has various features. If you’re looking for a great quality fishing reel, then this Spinning Reel Fishing High-Speed Gear Ratio is the most ideal option for you.

This spinning reel is 100% corrosion resistant. It is made with a graphite body that includes a frame, side plates and rotor that are also resistant to corrosion. It includes several advanced features such as a front and back brake inter-rotation system, instant lock anti-reverse, etc. This front and rear drag fishing reel are considered a great choice to do fishing in the freshwater. The machine cut brass pinion gear of this reel gives you a smooth retrieve when you combine it with 13 ball bearings.
It consists of an aluminium spool and the knob of the handle is made from EVA material. It gives you a strong grip so that it does not slip from your hand and also provides a comfortable touch for effortless fishing. The gear ratio of this reel is 4.6:1. You can easily handle almost any fish no matter what the weight is. It has a perfect smooth multi-disc and a Japanese oiled felt drag system that gives you smooth functionalitywhile doing fishing.
This reel is perfect for all kinds of fish species, right from the lightweight trout and panfish to catfish and other big species. The design of this reel is quite ergonomic and elegant that gives a great appearanceand stand out from other various reels. It provides great stability and comfort so that you can do fishing conveniently. It is quite a strong and highly durable reel that will give you a long-term performance.