Electronic Interactive Robot Puppy Pets Sound Control BLXCK NORWAY™

Is your child a dog lover and wants to adopt a puppy? Well, this can surely be a great idea, however, sometimes it cannot be possible to bring a dog due to hectic schedules or dog allergies or other reasons. Well, in order to fulfill your child’s wish, we have come up with this highly advanced Electronic Interactive Robot Puppy Pets Sound Control that looks and acts exactly like a real puppy. It can bark, walk and wag its tails to add more fun.
It has many different functions which look like a real puppy such as waging its tails, walking, touching the head etc. It is absolutely safe for your child as it does not bite or scratch and just imitate the real dog. This dog toy is right for anyone at any age without a problem. It also helps to develop the intellectual mind of your child and the will also help to develop empathy by showing them how to take care of this beloved dog.
This barking puppy is made up of superior quality materials that are Eco friendly and highly durable. It also has small haired fabrics that do not shed hair and are completely safe and with no odour. It is also free from toxic and has a skin-friendly material to avoid allergies or rashes. This toy is operated by a battery and shows different actions such as walking forward, moving the mouth etc.
The best part of this toy is that it can work the same on almost all kinds of surfaces such as carpet, tile, wood flooring. Once fully charged, you can use this continuously. You also see the dog doing a black flip by adjusting its leg to make sure that they land on their feet. Once fully charged, it can run continuously for long hours. This is also a perfect gift option for your baby and child to make sure that they are having a comfortable sleep.