High quality UHF professional dual wireless microphone blxck norway™

High-Quality UHF Professional Dual Wireless Microphone. Check The Details To Know More

Premium Wireless Performance  - Dual UHF wireless microphone system with adjustable frequency for premium wireless performance. 538.3 - 566.5 MHz (Channel 1) (100 channels). 571.3 – 599.5 MHz (Channel 2) (100 channels).

PLL frequency synthesized technology is used to ensure trouble-free sound transmission with minimal dropouts and maximum feedback rejection. IR synchronization is smooth and rapid. Long-range operation with a line of sight of 290ft to 328ft.

Multichannel Feature, Sturdy Metal Build - Both the wireless receiver and the cordless portable mic are made of sturdy metal. The long-lasting system comes with a high-performance cardioid dynamic cartridge that engineers for clear, robust, and accurate sound. Full range response and excellent vocal tone reproduction.

When the preset frequency fails, the multichannel capability allows users to pick alternate frequencies, assuring interference-free, dependable performance and allowing several systems to be used at the same time.

Auto Scan & Anti-Interference Feature - The UHF sound system has an auto-scan feature that allows it to find the least-interfering channel to connect with transmitters. It also features a lock mechanism that allows you to lock the frequency you want. It fulfills a variety of purposes by combining a wireless headset, wireless lapel lavalier, and a portable microphone in one set. The use of two antennas improves anti-interference performance and reduces interference between channels.

Shock & Shatter Resistance - A high-quality mesh net protects the microphone to some extent from being broken by falling. The twin wireless microphones' all-metal material design provides some shock and corrosion resistance.