Fishing Pliers Braid line Cutters Saltwater Resistant Gear Tool BLXCK NORWAY™

Fishing Pliers Braid line Cutters Saltwater Resistant Gear Tool. Check The Details To Know More 

Saltwater Resistant - For further protection, these fishing pliers are comprised of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and are covered with a strong Teflon coating. These pliers are suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater.

Tungsten Carbide Cutters - Tungsten carbide cutters are extremely hard and can easily cut through mono, fluorocarbon, or braid. For simple access, side-mounted anvil cutters allow you to cut your tag end as near to the knot as you want without any obstructions, and the raised surface behind the blade guarantees that your line is always in the cutting zone.

Multi-Function Pliers - Our fishing pliers are ideal for anyone who is new to fishing or has some experience. Everything from removing hooks to cutting lines is a breeze with them. Insert your hook into one of the jaws' holes to swiftly and safely cinch down a knot. Pull-on your hook to form a tight knot.

Simple to Use - Just holding it in your palm will make you feel amazing. Because it's spring-loaded, it opens up with little effort. It glides open and closed with ease, and the handles are comfortable to hold. They're made of a soft rubber that keeps their grip even when wet.

Sheath & Lanyard Included - The pliers came with a lanyard and a specially molded sheath with a belt clip. Clip your pliers to your belt or shorts' waistband for instant access while a fish is on the line, and the coiled lanyard will keep them from falling overboard!

It includes a 360-degree rotating plastic belt clip, which is much better than a belt loop because you can attach it to your backpack straps or wader belt.