Stainless steel meat hammer blxcknorway™

Stainless Steel Meat Hammer. Check The Details To Know More

High-Quality Material, Dishwasher Safe - Our meat tenderizer hammer is made of the best food-grade stainless steel, type 316 SS, and is dishwasher safe. You'll have a food-safe, powerful, and long-lasting meat tenderizer tool that you can also put on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Solid Construction - No aluminum alloy is used, and only a thin coating of stainless steel is wrapped around the outside. Our full tang meat mallet is made entirely of the highest quality stainless steel, with no welding or bolting to allow food to attach to it. The lousy actor has no space to develop.

Optimal Design - Tenderize chicken, poultry, beef, or any other meat with ease thanks to the rough surface. The flat side can be used to pound and flatten meat. The surface of the kitchen hammer is angled to keep your hand from hitting the chopping board or counter.

Heavy-Duty - This is a heavier-duty and stronger hammer than typical; before purchasing, make sure to verify the weight. It will simplify your job and save you a lot of time in the kitchen, especially if you use it in your restaurant.

Comfortable Handle - The oval-shaped handle gives you better control over the hammer, decreases hand fatigue, and prevents spinning.
The anti-slip handle surface is ideal for most users, and the size is suitable for most people.