Magnetic curtains screen anti fly insect door mesh blxcknorway™

Magnetic Curtains Screen Anti Fly Insect Door Mesh. Check The Details To Know More

Reversible Door Screen, Left & Right - Adhesive strips are sewed on both sides of the door screen, allowing you to switch the left and right openings according to your door handle at any time. Note: Before installing, think about whether you want to use it as a screen that opens on the left or right side.

Walk-Through Screen Door of Superior Quality - Constructed of a durable mesh fiberglass, an inorganic non-metallic material with superior performance. High-temperature resistance, non-combustibility, corrosion resistance, good heat and sound insulation, high tensile strength, and good electrical insulation are all features of this material.

Energy Saving Magnets Curtain - Easy to install and detach, windproof, repels pesky critters, pet friendly, anti-flaming, washable, allows sunlight and fresh air to pass through, and has a long service life. Note: This is great for little dogs and cats (as long as they don't climb it), but not so much for larger dogs.

Wide Application Screen Mesh - Screen Mesh has a wide range of applications, including patio doors, sliding doors, entry doors, front doors, storm doors, back doors, aluminum doors, wooden doors, bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, sitting rooms, RVs, and decks.