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Healing Crystals Stones Tree Wire Office Home Decor. Check The Details To Know More

Crystal Tree Decor - Money Tree Crystal Tree Decor promotes good luck, wealth, protection from all types of losses, and increases an individual's power. The tiny shape can be used as a reiki healing source in any location, including the home, bedroom, bathroom, dining area, living room, office, car, and other places.

Healing Crystal Gifts - Natural reiki healing crystal gifts for your family, friends, and partner for their birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, and other special occasions.

High-Quality Crystal - Rose quartz is a well-known love gemstone and one of the most popular crystal gemstones for ladies. Rose quartz is associated with the Heart Chakra in the 7th chakra, and it can help to improve heart and lung function as well as ease irritation.

It's also a therapeutic crystal that can help you have a happier emotional life by improving your relationship with your partner.

Specification - The healing crystal tree's entire height is about 9-9.5cm, and the agate slice base diameter is 6-7cm * 54-5cm (L* W).

Please note that because each agate slice base of the crystal tree is natural and irregular, the color may vary slightly from that shown in the photographs; thus, please refer to the real product you received.