Men's swimsuit with swimming goggles cap ear plugs nose clip kit blxck norway™

Men's Swimsuit With Swimming Goggles Cap Ear Plugs Nose Clip Kit. Check The Details To Know More

Great Water Tightness - Our ergonomic swim goggles are fitted with a hypoallergenic, soft silicone gasket that seals out water while softening the pressure on your eyes. It is simple to adjust and difficult to easily unfasten the high elastic head strap. The flexible nasal bridge is kind to swimmers with higher noses and won't damage them.

Anti Fog Lenses -  Anti-fog lenses have anti-fog chemicals applied to the interior surface to guard against reduced visibility brought on by fog. Larger UV protection mirrored lenses give the swimmer a wider field of vision and less glare in bright lighting. keeps you swimming freely and enjoying it.

Larger Silicone Cap - Non-slip silicone swim caps that are 24.5 cm wide are larger than usual size, easier to put on, and provide a snug fit to protect your hair from getting saturated with chlorinated pool water, which can harm it. When you swim in open water, it also keeps you warm in frigid water.

For Adults & Teenagers - This useful swimming equipment works for men, women, adults, and teenagers. necessary for water sports including swimming, surfing, paddling, and others. Swimming goggles with a fashionable design that complement your swimwear will highlight your individual sense of style.