Tactical elbow knee pads blxcknorway™

Tactical Elbow Knee Pads. Check The Details To Know More

For low drag, a lightweight design is used. Safety and comfort are prioritized in the design of this high-quality protection pad. EVA high-density foam with a thermal plastic urethane (TPU) shell.

High impact polymer closed-cell foam cushioning provides great shock protection, maximum mobility, and protection while maintaining a comfortable fit.

Comfortable to wear, stable, robust, and waterproof, with adjustable Velcro Fasteners for quick removal and to fit most sizes. Elbow and knee braces provide all-around and ideal protection when participating in sports.

Airsoft, paintball, hunting, hiking, camping, shooting games, skateboarding, rollerblading, scooter riding, biking, minibike riding, and other extreme sports, to name a few.