WiFi RGB LED smart bulb voice remote control

This WiFi RGB LED Smart Bulb Voice Remote Control is a great addition to your house. This is one of the smartest electrical bulbs that has voice control. It is compatible with most of the virtual assistant technologies such as Google assistant, Alexa, etc.
 It is super easy to use, all you need to do is give the command to turn on or off the light. You can also adjust the brightness and change the colour using the voice command. You can group all the bulbs together and can control using a single button. 
You can easily control these smart bulbs using a mobile application. You can adjust the temperature, brightness, situation, etc and can schedule the light settings. This advanced technology bulb is a perfect option to give an upgrade to your house or room. 
These are energy-saving bulb as it consumes low power and is of high quality. You can change the lightas per your mood and have a relaxing time. Select your own customized colour from 16 million options and create a perfect ambience for reading, sleeping, party, working, etc.