PRO smart tv box android wifi tv box blxck norway™

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PRO Smart TV Box Android Wifi TV Box. Check The Details To Know More

Android 11.0 OS - Android TV boxes use the Android 11.0 operating system. Android boxes with 4GB of RAM can change the backdrop on their own, allowing you to choose the style you desire. The RK3318 quad-core cortex-A53 UHF CPU was used. During the operation, there will be no lag or freezing, and you can use whatever application you choose.

4GB RAM and 64GB ROM - The Smart TV Box Android 2021 has a 4GB + 64GB memory configuration. With an extra TF card or a USB hard drive of up to 2TB, you can increase the memory to 64GB. The large storage capacity lets you download as many applications as you like, and the fast and stable system ensures that they are stored safely.

3D+4K - The Android box X88 64GB TV box 2021 features 3D and 4K watching capabilities, so you can enjoy them without leaving the house. The Android TV box 4k comes with the latest H.265 video decoding technology, which is more powerful than H.264 and has no buffering, allowing you to save up to 50% on broadband bandwidth while having fun. The 4K1080P resolution allows you to see every detail without causing fuzzy image quality to harm your eyesight.

2.4G/5G WiFi and BT 4.0 - The Android game tv box has dual WiFi of 2.4G/5G. If you want to use a 5G network, the 4K Android TV box is pre-installed with programs like Google/Play Store/Netflix/YouTube, so you can fully fulfill your needs. You can also choose from a variety of APPs to watch videos and play games. Tv box android can also connect through Ethernet, so you may use it even if you don't have WiFi. This ensures that the network runs smoothly.

Connect & Use - Bluetooth, USB, and HDMI connectors are available on the Android TV Box 5Ghz. Connecting the power supply and HDMI cable makes it simple to open. The USB connection on the Android 11.0 box TV can be used to connect a keyboard or other control devices for remote control.

PRO smart tv box android wifi tv box blxck norway™

PRO smart tv box android wifi tv box blxck norway™