Pro Cushion Orthopedic Seat

Do you sit for a continuous period in front of the computer? Do you suffer from that annoying back pain and discomfort throughout the day? If yes, then this ProCushion Orthopedic Seat is a perfect solution to reduce your pain.
This is a natural solution that will improve your back pain and provides a level of comfort while working. It also enhances your sitting posture to avoid any strain on your back. This cushion has a breathable material that will allow the air to flow and can also be washed in the machine.
The cut-out rear design of this ProCushion Orthopedic Seat helps to reduce the pressure on your tail bone. It is made up of superior quality memory foam that will come back to its shape after every single-use
It is ideal to use in the office, while driving, travelling, etc., and is very lightweight, portable, and comfortable. The U-shape design gives maximum support to your tailbone and relieves back pain. The non-slip bottom gives you the advantage of shifting your position without any sliding of the cushion.