Travel Pet Bag Cat Flower Carriers BLXCK NORWAY™

Travel Pet Bag Cat Flower Carriers. Check The Details To Know More

Beautiful Design - This pet bag is made of strong polyester and has a lovely design. To keep your body in good form, use support plates.

Ventilation Design - Multiple breathable meshes are used in the ventilation design to ensure proper air circulation in the box. On the outside of the bag, there is a little pocket for storing items in good condition.

Cleanliness - The dark hue of this pet harness makes it difficult to become soiled. The inside cushion is detachable and machine or hand washable! Remove any stains quickly and painlessly.

Practicality - Shoulder bag or shoulder bag with adjustable shoulder strap, ideal for transportation such as autos, trains, airlines, and so on.

Convenient- Because the material is light and easy to carry, you may take your pet with you everywhere you go.