Light weight strong dog reflective leash blxck norway™

Light Weight Strong Dog Reflective Leash. Check The Details To Know More 

Durability - Made of flexible 2mm thick nylon webbing with fluorescent thread and a rustproof swivel hook that can withstand the weight of large dogs.

Padded Handle for Comfort - No more rope burns, the heavy-duty dog leash has an ergonomic and soft foam handle that allows you to maintain a solid and comfortable hold without digging into your hands, even when your dog pulls scarcely at all.

Strong and Tangle-Free Hook - Made of a lightweight alloy material that is extremely sturdy and solid, allowing for a large pulling capability. With the tangle-free 360° swivel hook, you can enjoy a free walk while allowing your dogs to move freely around you.

Hardened Metal Clasp - For safety, highly reflective threads keep you visible at night. The leash is composed of a strong metal steel clasp that can withstand everyday use. Hikes and outdoor activities, as well as a stroll through the park, are ideal.