Electric Bug Zapper Summer Fly Swatter Trap Flies Insect

Are you tired from the mosquito bites? They are quite dreadful insects that can cause serious health diseases. In order to remove them from your house completely, we have come up with Electric Bug Zapper Summer Fly Swatter Trap Flies Insect.

This racket has a quite innovative design and contains 3 layers so that a mosquito cannot escape from the trap. It attracts mosquitoes towards them so that they get trapped inside. It uses a high voltage current that kills the mosquitoes quickly.

This bug swatter does not emit any chemical fumes just like coils. It gives a non-glare light to the insect to attract them. It is completely safe for humans and baby and it can be easily charged using a USB cable.

This device is super easy to clean due to its unique design. It has 3 mesh layers along with two exterior insulation layers and one interior ABS protective layer to forestall electric shock in case you touch the net.