Ultra soft natural car headrest neck seat cushion BLXCK NORWAY™

If you have to drive regularly or go long miles in your automobile, you don't have to think about it; comfort comes naturally. Neck support that is self-contained. The three-point card posture behind your shoulders and neck supports your head. It's quite nice to rest your shoulders and neck and rely on it, whether it's long or short. Our ultra-soft natural car headrest neck seat cushion features a firm core with a fluffy outer filling. Double piping improves comfort and provides additional support.
There is a space between your head, neck, and shoulders and the automobile seat. This might result in muscular numbness in the neck, which can lead to a variety of neck disorders. It might result in traffic accidents or unexpected parking injuries. Adjust your headrest so that your head and neck may rest comfortably on it. These car seats and neck pillows are ergonomically designed and may provide excellent support for your neck vertebrae and head, as well as relax muscles and enhance your driving posture.
The 3D fabric breathes effectively, allowing air to circulate and moisture dissipating, providing a dry and pleasant driving environment. The automobile neck pillow may successfully assist the driver in relieving neck discomfort and stiffness, dispersing neck pressure, and efficiently buffering the impact of sudden braking on the head. Comfier when driving, please. Maybach Mercedes S-class Pillow Headrests, Very Comfortable Fabrics
Complete the installation in 2 minutes and offer two installation ways. Our automobile headrest pillow has an ergonomic design that fits the cervical spine better, and the wing wrap protects both sides of the head from swaying from side to side. It also perfectly fits the curvature of the head, cervical spine, and shoulder, with no gaps between the body and the pillow. Excellent automotive headrest, and first-rate air quality. Extremely soft and pleasant. Headrest for the Maybach S-Class.
The outside material is a superfine fibre velvet fabric with a premium fluffy and soft 3D fibre filling. If you require a lower cushion that aligns your head and spine, this is the pillow for you. SGS testing certification is healthful and ecologically friendly, breathable, soft, and skin-friendly. Elastic, soft and delicate, pleasant and robust, no fluorescent agent Strap Style Simply tightens or loosens the strap as needed to make the headrest more stable and stable.
  • Quick install
  • Ergonomic design
  • Relieve neck pain
  • High-quality pearl cotton
  • Luxury Nappa leather
  • Quality material
  • Exclusive user feeling
  • Best product characteristics
  • Item Weight: 0.3kg
  • Material Type: natural fibre
  • Size: 24*22*28cm