Unisex thermal neck warmer fleece tube winter scarf

 unisex thermal neck warmer fleece tube winter scarf is constructed of thick acrylic and is windproof and dustproof. The inner lining is a wool-like polyester material that absorbs heat and is intended to keep you warm for a longer period of time. This snood scarf is stretchy and fits snugly around your neck. This comfortable and fashionable neck warmer is appropriate for men, women, and children.
 In addition to being worn as a neck scarf can also be worn as a headband, hair band, ear protector, beanie hat, and other wearing methods; it can be worn in any way, saving you time and effort, and it is very soft, comfortable, skin-friendly, and thermal. Ideal for keeping the head, throat, and upper chest warm.
The face cover scarf is constructed of soft artificial fleece that is thermal and windproof and will not shrink, pill, or fade after several washes. It is comfortable to wear and will last a long time, allowing people to enjoy the outdoors more. Outside, this neck gaiter effectively protects you from the wind and dust.
The fleece-lined neck gaiter's fine sewing procedure makes it even stronger and longer-lasting, and the 12 different colors make it easier to coordinate with your clothing, which is why it is commonly used by most adults and teenagers. This bulky knitted scarf protects your neck, face, and ears and is warmer than typical scarves.

Our neck warmer gaiters are great for a variety of winter and cold weather activities, such as hiking, fishing, running, skiing, hunting, motorbikes, bicycles, mountain climbing, and so on. Wearing this fleece skiing neck scarf will allow you to completely enjoy these activities.
  • ✔️One size fits most
  • ✔️Double-layer snood
  • ✔️Thermal & dustproof
  • ✔️Wool neck warmer
  • ✔️Thick material
  • ✔️Exquisite design
  • ✔️Multi-functional scarf
  • ✔️Comfortable to wear
  • ✔️Breathable, comfortable
  • ✔️Stylish and comfy
  • ✔️Excellent breathable
  • ✔️Soft & pretty texture
  • ✔️Effortless elegance
  • ✔️Weight: only 80g