Universal 1080° rotation faucet aerator splash filter blxck norway™

Universal 1080° Rotation Faucet Aerator Splash Filter. Check The Details To Know More

Upgrade 1080° Rotation Splash Filter Faucet - We Fully Upgrade This Rotary Sink Faucet Aerator, Increase Outlet Rotation to 1080 Degree, Can Be Easily Bent or Folded So That the Water Reaches Every Corner of the Sink, It is More Convenient to Wash Your Face and Gargle!

High-Quality Material Faucet - Our Faucet Bubbler is made of high-quality solid brass with a chrome-plated surface that is extremely durable. 4 Layer Net Filter Can Filter Impurities in the Water, Such as Hard Particles in the Water, to Make Drinking Water Healthier. It Has Strong Anti-corrosion and Anti-leakage Functions.

Two Water Modes Faucet Extender - Soft Bubble Flow (1.8gpm) and Powerful Shower Head (1.8gpm). The Soft Bubble Flow Mode is Suitable for Washing Hands, Face, and Mouthwash, while the Powerful Shower Mode Cleans Items Quickly.

Faucet Aerator Is Simple To Install - No Plumbers, No Professional Tools Required, And It Can Be Attached Using The Adaptor Included In The Package, Which Can Be Installed Directly On The Faucet With A Diameter Of 22mm Internal Thread, Or Using The Faucet Adapter.