Universal crossbody patch phone blxck norway™

Universal Crossbody Patch Phone. Check The Details To Know More

Universal For Most smartphones - Tether Patch is universal for most smartphones with full coverage cases, as long as the tether lasso patch is compatible with the charging/headset hole and does not impede charging.

Comfortable & Multifunctional - The soft nylon lanyard helps your neck feel more suitable, and the detachable neck strap and safe buckle design allow you to choose the length that is most comfortable for you. Lanyard with multiple uses, including mobile phone, keychain, accessories, and cardholder.

Durable & Adjustable Lanyard - Protect your phone from falling to the ground with this sturdy polyester cloth patch and rustproof metal buckle phone lanyard tether. The strap is long enough to crossbody, hang on the side, or hang in the front, and you may modify the length to suit your desire.

Convenient & Light - The patch neck strap not only releases your hand, but also keeps the phone secure and accessible at all times, whether you're in the office, outdoors, or shopping!