Universal guitar capo quick change clamp key blxck norway™

Universal Guitar Capo Quick Change Clamp Key. Check The Details To Know More


Excellent Material - The capo is composed of aluminum alloy, which is both sturdy and lightweight. Hardness and wear resistance are both high. Portable and comfortable.

Silicone Pad - The body is protected by the soft silicone pad. Can guard against scratches and harm to your instrument. It can also help to keep your hands safe. Because the transposition clamp is attached to the instrument's neck and wedge, it has no effect on sound quality.

One-Hand Operation - Beautiful design, easy and quick operation. Hands are well-suited. With just one hand, you can clamp the transposition to the instrument's neck fast and simply. Without wasting time throughout the performance changing the strings.

Wide Application - Guitar capos can be used on a variety of musical instruments. Folk guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, ukulele, and so on. Assist you in achieving a flawless and relaxing performance.