Mountain Bike Phone Holder Riding MTB Bracket BLXCK NORWAY™

Operating your mobile to see the directions or just listening to music while riding the bike can be a great of a hassle and risky at the same time. If you are looking for a great phone holder that can be used conveniently while you are riding a bike, then this Mountain Bike Phone Holder Riding MTB Bracket is the perfect choice for you. It is super easy and convenient to install and can be done within a seconds without any hassle.
It has a very classy design and gives a strong grip on your mobile phone. It will not fall out even if the road is bumpy and rough. It has wider compatibility and fits all kinds of mobile phones irrespective of their size. All you need to do is place the back of your mobile phone case in the centre of this bracket and you are good to go. You can also adjust the angle of your phone by keeping it horizontally or vertically.
It provides great security to your phone without covering the view of your screen. It will also protect it from any damage or scratch as the mount is attached to the back of your phone case and it does not require the removal of your cover. The base of this bracket is made up of premium Aluminum Alloy and it is highly durable. Its ultra lock system will provide double security to your phone so that you can ride without any stress or worries.
The lock of this Mountain Bike Phone Holder Riding MTB Bracket is 100% secure and strong. You can ride confidently even on the rough and bumpy road without worrying about your mobile phone. Besides, detaching the mount from your phone is quite easy and can be done within few seconds. It is the most ideal phone mount which can help you to navigate the map conveniently.