Universal pliers multi functional tools blxcknorway™

Universal Pliers Multi-Functional Tools. Check The Details To Know More

Wire Cutters Material - The 6-inch wire cutter is made of chromium-vanadium steel, which is strong and long-lasting. Also included are snips cutters with a plastic-coated grip for comfort and grip during daily use.

Spring Loaded Side Cutting Diagonal Pliers - The spring-loaded side cutting diagonal pliers prevent muscle strain for one-handed work.

Flush Cutter Size - The 6-inch cutting pliers are a decent size for an average adult's hand and are not too hefty to hold.

Diagonal Cutters Edge - The edge is high-frequency processed, sharp, and long-lasting, making it ideal for plastic flash and electronic circuit welding thread pruning.

Floral Wire Cutter Uses - Beaders, jewelers, electricians, and craftsmen use small wire cutters. Plastic or soft electrical wires can be cut with this tool; however, hard electrical wires cannot be cut with it.