Universal Alloy Steel Car Tire Anti-Skid Chain

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Universal Anti-Skid Car Alloy For Your Car. Check the Details to Know More

Quality Material - The snow chain is composed entirely of metal and has a low-temperature resistance, allowing it to survive temperatures as low as minus 60 degrees. In any condition, this tire chain protects car tires wonderfully. 

Scientific X-chain Design - X-shaped cross-distribution, effectively prevent slipping, boost anti-slip effect, employ triangular stability to make the anti-slip effect more stable, with minimal braking distance and highest traction sliding, given in poor weather. Perfect anti-slip effect for increased travel safety.

Emergency Road Rescue - It is a vital instrument for emergency scenarios such as travel, snow, mud, climb, ice, and so on. It is easy to carry and store, and it performs well around the clock. Most pickup trucks, SUVs, trucks, vehicles, and models are compatible with it.

Durable & Long-Lasting - The tire snow chain is composed of high-quality steel that is long-lasting and won't damage the tire. It also reduces noise, wear, cold, and aging, ensuring durability and service life.

Easy to Install & Disassemble - The car safety chain is easy to install, no jacks are needed, no tires need to be disassembled, safe to use, and the chain has a simple tensioning strap to easily rescue your vehicle from difficult environments without the need for Pay a higher trailer fee.

Universal Alloy Steel Car Tire Anti-Skid Chain

Universal Alloy Steel Car Tire Anti-Skid Chain